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Sam Needs a New Home

One of our dear members and friends will be moving to Sri Lanka from July and so her beloved Sam needs a new home. Sam is thirteen years old and a very loving and enthusiastic dog. If you are interested in adopting Sam, please contact the office.

Lenten Reflections

On March 5, the 40 day journey of Lent begins. This year the Brougham Place community will be praying together daily by using a devotional that has

  • a focus scripture passage for the day
  • a reflection by a member of the community
  • a weekly meditation practice
  • questions to help you reflect on the journey

If you receive the BP E-news, then you will automatically receive the devotional daily in your email. If you do not have email, then a printed copy will be available for you on Sunday for the following week.

If you would like to receive the BP E-news and the Lenten Reflections and you are not currently signed up, Sign up now].

Lent 2014: Carrying Hope

During Lent 2014, Brougham Place Uniting Church will be supporting the students of Neth Sawan Sarana School for the Deaf and Blind in Southern Sri Lanka. This amazing school offers not only education, but hope and community to 60 children in grades 1 through 9. These children need some very basic things, like underwear and socks. In the sanctuary there is a display board where you can collect a student's information and a list of the items to purchase.

Young adults gathering

6pm in the Basement, Sunday 6th of April.

Church Council

Monday 7th April at 7pm in the Manse.

Pastoral Care Meeting

Tuesday 8th April at 10.00am in the Leaver Lounge.

Tea Tree Gully Fellowship

Meets Wednesday 9th April at 7:45pm in Walkerville.

Property Committee

Wednesday 16th April at 10.00am in the Leaver Lounge.

BPUC Book Club

Meets Monday 28th April at 11am where we'll be discussing The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane.

Nomads House Group

The next Nomads House Group will be held on Wednesday 30th April at North Adelaide.

It is our practice to share a meal at 6.30pm. All are welcome and if you can’t come for the meal, please join us at 7.30pm for the commencement of the more formal proceedings.

Community Camp

Friday 19th to Sunday 21st September 2014.


Not sure if it's your turn? To check see Rosters.

Prayer Station

There is a prayer station in the chapel at the back of the sanctuary (this area is also where the children play on Sunday mornings). You will find a bowl of sand there that you can place a candle in as a form of prayer. This is available on Wednesdays during Open Church, but is also available on Sunday mornings. Please make use of this station if you wish.

Open Church

Each Wednesday since 2012 we have had the church open from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM. We have had visitors of all kinds come in. Sometimes they come to pray or chat, sometimes they're interested in history of architecture, sometimes we know and sometimes we don't.

BPUC Cards on Sale

Packets of cards celebrating the beautiful windows here at Brougham Place are now on sale! Each pack contains 6 cards (2 of each design). $10 / packet of 6 cards. available in the church office on weekdays or from Dianne Drew on Sundays.

Floral Tributes

The church is encouraging those who wish to donate flowers for Sunday services in memory of a loved one, anniversary, birthday, etc. This may be done either by ordering an arrangement, buying the flowers and having them done by whoever is on the roster, or doing them themselves. If you are interested, please contact Mary May. Floral arrangements will be acknowledged in the Order of Service.

Name Badges

Have you got your name badge? You can order one today!! Order forms are available on the name badge holder upstairs. Please send your order to the Church Office or drop it in an envelope in the offering along with payment. They are available with either a magnetic backing ($8.20) or a standard pin ($5.55). Replacement magnets are also available for $3.50.

You are welcome to take your badge with you or you may keep it here at the church. Facilities for leaving your badge here are located in the Lecture Hall, the Stanley Street entrance, or they can be returned to the board at the main entrance. All name badges will be returned to the main board at the front entrance during the week.

Stamp Ministry

A used stamp may not seem like much to you and me, but it can do a world of good! The Synod office collects used stamps and then sells them on. The money raised is used to pay freight on goods and schoolbooks sent to churches and schools in places such as Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, PNG, Solomon Islands, Thailand and the Philippines. If you can collect old stamps (just cut the envelope with a little space around the stamp itself), please deposit them in the stamp box in the Leaver Lounge.

Prayer Chain

The Pastoral Care Team would like to announce the beginning of a new ministry here at Brougham Place, the Prayer Chain. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to grow together in faith, uphold one another in prayer, and maintain a spirit of intentional living within our midst. So, how do you plug into this ministry? Make a prayer request!!

Ways to make a prayer request:

  • Contact one of the prayer chain coordinators (Rev. John Hughes or Vicky Sanders)
  • Contact your Pastoral Partner
  • Use one of the welcome/prayer cards in the sanctuary
  • Contact the church office

We look forward to this wonderful new ministry and the way in which it can further support our "belonging" to each other and this community of faith.

Please view the Prayer Chain Regulations so you understood the way the Prayer Chain would work. We are serious about protecting your privacy while being able to hold one another in care. If you have questions, please talk to John or Vicky.

Fruit for you

You can buy delicious fruit, dried fruit, and free range eggs and support international mission. The project involves fruit grown by members of the Waikerie Christian Churches and is subject to availability. Part proceeds of the fruit sales will go toward medical projects in Numfor Island, Papua province, Indonesia. Order forms are on the table in the Leaver Lounge. Orders need to be placed by the second Sunday in each month (third in November 2013) and the preceding Sunday for chocolate coated items with either cash or cheque to be accompanied with the order. Delivery is usually two weeks later (i.e. fourth Sunday)

Updates from the Co-ordinator of the Waikerie Fruit project:

  • Hi all you great people,
    There will be a limited March delivery on March 30th 2014, Orders accompanied by cash or cheque by March 16th please; hope this gives you sufficient time. Available will be:
    400g packs of dried apricots $10.00 Packs of 2 pasties $6.00
    Shortbread Biscuits $4.00 Anzac Biscuits $4.00
    We are still sorting out other produce as the dried fruit harvest has not been good overall and the heat and rain have left many disillusioned growers; honey production is down considerably; however will sort it out. There are a very few jars of honey and a few peaches; however you will have to be 1st in to receive them. It is mid-season for oranges, and the quality is far from good overall; and walnuts have not yet been harvested.
    Please consider this the order form. Shalom, Graeme
  • Hello everyone,
    Re Honey.
    From the next order in November (2013), honey will be packaged in 1kg plastic containers with handle for $10.00. This price is comparable with other SA honey outlets. Glass is an expensive packaging, so the producers are changing to plastic containers. If you have any thoughts on this, Graeme and I would like to hear from you.
    Many thanks for your continued support.
    Shalom, Jennie

150th Anniversary

Sunday School teachers 1915
Can you identify any of the teachers on the picture at the left? If you can please contact Trevor Schaefer who is researching the church history.

Also the book The Light on the Hill and 150th Commemorative Pens & Coasters are still available from the Church office or Barbara Sibley after Sunday worship.

Frontier News

Frontier News is the magazine of Frontier Services; the major provider of aged care, health and community services, and pastoral support to people in Outback Australia. The magazine is available to download or as a paper copy.

New Times

New Times Latest Cover.jpg
The latest issue of the New Times is available at the door as a newspaper or can be read online.

Courses at the Effective Living Centre

The website of the Effective Living Centre lists various events in the coming months. Topics include parenting, men's issues, social issues and the sacred & creative.

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